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Credo Strategies is a full-service consulting firm dedicated to revenue-generation.

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Credo Strategies generates revenue for organizations. It’s that simple.

What’s not simple is the way that we go about doing what we do.

Credo Strategies is a full-service consulting firm dedicated to revenue-generation. We work with both for-profit and non-profit clients to help hone their message and ensure that message reaches the audience that is best positioned to fund their organization, purchase their products, and in many cases, a combination of both. We learn what is special about the organizations we work with, and then we identify the best way of ensuring those organizations succeed.

We start with the basics because we believe in creating a strong foundation. You’d be surprised at how many organizations aren’t doing the basics, either because they’re unsure of how to begin, because they do not have the staff or the time, or because they believe they have tried and failed at basic funding strategies.

Once we’ve ensured a strong foundation is in place, we work to create magic. That’s our affectionate term for thinking outside the box. Creating magic can involve developing a low-cost, yet exciting, event strategy for a struggling non-profit. Or, perhaps creating magic is helping a small bakery identify a customer base they had not thought of and working to create a guerella marketing strategy to attract those customers. Credo Strategies has both non-profit experts with years of experience working with charities as well as leaders in the business development community to help our for-profit ventures. Often times, a successful strategy involves combine both skill and experience sets to help our clients “do something different.”

In today’s market, it’s that “something different” that sets you apart. It’s certainly what sets us apart. The “difference” you will find when working with Credo Strategies is our dedication to helping you create a business that is unique, long-lasting and financially successful.

We work hand in hand with each company service to help them overcome obstacles to their success. We create a written plan. Then, as opposed to many consulting firms, we provide the staff to bring that plan to fruition.

We firmly believe a plan that is written, but not executed, is a waste of time and money. Credo Strategies makes sure the plan is implemented and that you succeed.

We use the vast experience of our team to craft effective, affordable, intuitive revenue development strategies.
We then work along side our clients to implement this strategy.  We ensure the plan is implemented, either by coaching existing in-office staff in the intricacies of development.  We can also provide highly-trained staff to work together to increase your bottom line.
Few revenue generation consultants offer to stay with you through the process of evaluating, planning and implementing.  We do that and more.  Contact us today to see how we can begin both raising and saving you money.
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